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Complement Goods

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Apply to your clothes, upholstery, bedding + pillows, and atmosphere for all-natural, happy fragrance!


Calm: Distilled Water, Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oil 

Clean: Distilled Water, Bergamot & Mint Essential Oil 

Cozy: Distilled Water, Rose & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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BRAND BIO: Complement Goods is a counterpart to the values and clothing that define who you are. Developed out of care for garments and a sense of responsibility for the planet, this all-natural clothing cleaner respects the journey of the pieces it washes. Our clothing cleaner softens fabric, cares for fibers organically, and supports the natural finish of each garment. A complement to the attention already delivered to clothing, Complement Goods is good on fabric, good on the skin, and good on the earth.

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