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We are all one Dress
We are all one Dress
We are all one Dress

We are all one Dress

Chelsea Michal

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Description of Product: This collection first started from a simple collaboration between two artists just trying to support each other. The illustration by Chelsea Michal rapidly turned into something so much bigger.

This illustration is a representation of the change needed in America.
This illustration represents human equality.
This illustration shows how we are all one human race.

Deadstock supplies from KnownSupplier; 95% organic cotton; and 5% Lycra. Machine washable; wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach.
Who makes it matters.

Maker Description: It’s plain and simple, really. I had no choice but to become an artist. I was placed in a long line of brains that have to exude talent from their fingers whether that be by paint, camera, by worship, by music, by drawing, bleaching articles of clothing, koi ponds, delivering mail, or planting enormous amounts of bulbs every spring, you name it, our family dabbled in it. Just so happens, God gave me paint. I like paint. I like the way it smells and gets in your fingernails and ends up on all of your favorite clothes. I love that it drips & mingles & the way oils look right next to each other.