This is not only to raise funds for R2R. This is an annual campaign to shed light on the small actions that make a big difference. Join this campaign by adding one conscious consumption habit for the full month of April (30 days). You could also just give up a bad consumption habit for 30 days.

In April we will help by giving you 30 conscious consumer tips, one every day. By April 30th we will have a Conscious Consumer action plan ready to send out to our community.

We will also have a monetary goal of $50,000 to start our fundraising for the closed-loop community goals of 2021.  


We would like to raise $50,000 in the year 2021 for R2R’s first step to the Closed-Loop community goals.

Our goal is to purchase a van and transform it to taking very little from the earth. Like solar panels, vegetable oil run engines, and compostable toilets. Transforming it with everything we have in the world already. We also want to build a virtual reality experience of the first R2R Closed-Loop Community. If this makes you excited please donate to our Conscious Consumer Campaign. 


R2R is taking our vision on the road. We would like to purchase or get a van donated. This van will be transformed into a closed-loop model for our first community. We also want to build a virtual reality experience of the first R2R Closed-Loop Community. This will give us the capabilities of going around America to spread the word and vision of R2R’s closed-loop communities! We want to travel around America to promote our mission to change the culture of consumption and bring biodiversity back to the earth. After the news get’s out about our Closed-Loop model we will be able to bring it into true action on land or in abandoned buildings. 

Check out our CLOSED LOOP COMMUNITY GOALS to understand our big picture goal.


Each donation that happens in the Month of April will go directly to our first steps to our closed-loop community goals. We have chosen PayPal and Venmo as our donation platforms. Feel free to click on those links to give now or scan these QR codes. 

Our Goal is $50,000 and we would like to raise this by the end of 2021, so we can start taking action on our now developed goals. Please make sure to leave your contact information with the donations, this way we can keep all of our community members updated on our monetary and action progress. 


April 19th -25th 

Fashion Revolution Week is the time when we come together as a global community to create a better fashion industry. It centres around the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more on 24 April 2013. This year, as we mark 8 years since the tragedy, Fashion Revolution Week will focus on the interconnectedness of human rights and the rights of nature. This campaign will amplify unheard voices across the fashion supply chain and harness the creativity of our community to explore innovative and interconnected solutions. Join R2R in supporting of Fashion Revolution!


April 22nd at 1 pm - 5 pm PST

Come clean up the beaches with R2R at The Waste Less Shop! You can sign up at Recycle2Riches.org! 

Tickets are $25.00, this will get you materials for the cleanup and a small portion will go to our conscious consumer campaign. 


April 23rd at 11 am - 4 pm PST 

Eco pop-up for more conscious consumption shopping at Spoke Bicycle café.

R2R will be popping up the “Market Place” of Recycle2Riches. Come learn about and purchase some incredible ethical and sustainable products. Take the first step in the Conscious Consumer campaign. 

April 24th at 11:30 am PST 

Live market bag-making demonstration with Narrative Of Climate Change. On Instagram live! Turn a t-shirt into a market bag with our founder Ashleigh Morgan. 

April 25th at 12 pm-5 pm PST

Sustainable Sample Sale and Repair party at ProstainableDo you have items in your closet that need repairing or mending? YES, then drop them off at Prostainable on the 25th and we will ship them back to you all repaired. 

We will also have a sample sale in person and on IG live featuring sustainable fashion brands! The Live sample sale will happen on Instagram at 12:30 pm PST and will last till 2:30pm. The in person sample sale, for those of you that are in California, will happen at Prostainable starting at 12pm PST and end at 5pm! 


All about the conscious consumer campaign!

It starts on April 6th & Ends on April 26th at 12pm PST. Enter on Recycle2Riches Instagram.  (Follow all brands involved and tag a friend in a comment.) 


Week 1:

  1. Stop getting to-go coffee cups from any coffee shop that does not have compostable ones. Just use a recycled one or KEEPCUP. If you are in Santa Monica head on over to AVO Cafe for a sustainable cup.
  2. Start composting with SUBPOD and BAMBOOZLE 
  3. Stop using plastic bags one time at the grocery store. Bring an R2R market bag or one you already own. 
  4. Bring your own produce bags to reduce on individual plastic bags and the grocery store. CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  5. Use a dryer ball instead of dryer sheets. We like using Herd Supply Co., but that's just us. 
  6. Keep it TREE FREE. Use how we roll toilet paper or reusable ones. CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  7. Use compostable trash bags for your home trash and your dogs poop. We sell some on the R2R marketplace.

Week 2:

    1. Don’t buy anything NEW for 30 days. Used or something is given to you.
    2. Stop washing your clothes with hot water. Use cold water. 
    3. Air dry your clothes for 30 days. 
    4. Stop using a one-time plastic k-cup for your coffee. 
    5. Do not buy anymore chapsticks unless they are compostable like BLUE HERON BOTANICALS
    6. Only thrift for 30 days
    7. Try mending your socks instead of throwing them away. Check out our custom and repair System! 

Week 3:

  1. No more plastic, for the month of April purchase all “bars” for everything, no bottles. Shampoo, Conditioner, face wash, lotion, and dish soap. All of these can be replaced with a bar instead of a plastic bottle! 
  2. Clean up trash with us on earth day with Waste Less Shop. If you can’t join us show us where you picked up trash on Earth day through your IG. Purchase your tickets here! 
  3. Try using the refill system for 30 days. Check out Waste Less Shop or Prostainable if you are in CA.
  4. Buy plantable pens and pencils. Put it back into the earth.
  5. Connect with your local Buy Nothing Group on FB.
  6. Plant lettuce and micro greens in your garden to make your own salad this month. 
  7. Drink less coffee. Stop No Sleep would say you should not drink coffee past 2pm. Watch our talk about it Tuesday podcast together HERE

Week 4:

  1. Learn all about the 17 SDG from the UN. 
  2. Do a personal water audit. Look into finding the flow rate of your shower at home, then see how long you take for showers. Once you know the shower head flow rate and how long you take for showers you can see how much water you use for each shower. Then you can even find the amount of water you use per year for your showers. See R2R’s blog for our founder's personal water audit she did for her environmental science course at LAVC.
  3. Choose no utensils on Togo orders and delivery apps if you are already home. You can purchase the {Zero} Waste Kit to help with this transition! + Come stop by the Spoke Bicycle Café if you’re in CA around Frogtown! 
  4. Work with R2R to transform and repair your closet instead of buying more.
  5. Shop on Public Goods and sign up for their subscription model. Keeping sustainable, affordable. Use our promo code for 15% off at check out. Code: RECYCLE2RICHES
  6. Go plant-based or Vegan. Follow F.A.K.E to get vegan inspiration. 
  7. Shop on R2R marketplace by the community page. Read about the brands before you support their products. 

Two more for good measure: 

  29. Use a reusable coffee filter. BUY HERE

  1. This is the biggest one for the last tip. Ask all the questions to the brand owners. Where are your products coming from? Get interested people... Fashion Revolution is incredible for the movement of asking questions. They had a campaign going for the month of April as well. See the blog for more info. Become an ambassador today.

If you would like to communicate or collaborate in any way please reach out via our contact page.