Our founder formed the personal life cycle assessment that Recycle2Riches uses to analyze and score each brand seen on our directory. Each brand is scored based on Recycle2Riches 5 points of sustainable production: Resources, Manufacturing/Production, Distribution, Use, and End of Life. R2R understands that the journey to a sustainable and ethical brand is challenging, but it’s important to take small steps in order to change the culture of consumption. If a brand is on the Recycle2Riches directory, they have already passed our life cycle assessment with a 3 out of 5. If they fully meet all 5 points of sustainability they receive a perfect score (5 out of 5). 

Most sustainable and ethical brands are run by small business owners that can’t afford expensive certifications like Fair Trade and GOTS certificates. That is why Recycle2Riches does our internal Life Cycle Analysis Based on the 5 points of a product's life cycle. If they are on our directory they have been vetted as a certified R2R sustainable brand. We want customers to be able to shop sustainably + ethically without having to worry about greenwashing. For us, being sustainable ultimately means putting people and the planet over profit in every avenue of production. R2R investigates, tests, and fully supports every brand that is on our sustainable-certified directory. Any product or brand that we collaborate with goes through this vetting process. When brands show transparency, it is a huge step to changing the culture of consumption.

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