This is an annual campaign to shed light on the small actions that make a world of a difference. 

We will start the conscious consumer conversation to help you understand what it truly means to shop sustainably & ethically. R2R has set up a Conscious Consumer action plan to make it easy for you to join in and share with others. If you would like to join the Conscious Consumer Campaign just CLICK HERE to follow R2R’s action plan for April 2023. 





We would like to raise $50,000 in the year 2023 for R2R’s first step to the Closed Loop Community goals. 

R2R needs to take our mission mobile. In order to do that we have a goal to receive a bus to transform into an example of a true low waste, self sustaining, closed loop lifestyle. For example, we will have solar panels, vegetable oil run engines, a small refill center, compostable toilet, and a garden roof top. Transforming this bus with everything we have in the world already. This conscious consumer bus will finally define what #everythingcanbesomething means.  

What is this first step?

Recycle2Riches would like to take our vision on the road with a mobile low waste bus. This bus will be transformed into a small model for our closed-loop communities. We are also building a virtual reality experience of the first R2R Close Loop Community. This will give us the capabilities of going around America to spread the word and vision of R2R’s closed-loop communities! We want to pop up around America to promote our mission to change the culture of consumption and bring biodiversity back to the earth. After the news gets out about our closed-loop model we will be able to bring it into true action. 

Check out our CLOSED-LOOP outline to understand our big-picture goals. 

Donation Information:

Each donation that happens in the month of April will go directly to our first steps to our closed-loop community goals. 

Our Goal is $50,000 and we would like to raise this by the end of 2025. Please make sure to leave your proper contact information with the donations, this way we can keep all of our community members updated on our action.



Follow our Community Calendar 


If you would like to communicate or collaborate in any way please reach out via our contact page. There is also our Recycle2Riches SLASK channel you can join.