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All about Hair Bundle

All about Hair Bundle


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Product Description: All about Hair bundle is about that special her/she in your life. This bundle is the perfect gift to transition gradually into a low waste lifestyle.

Buy a bundle and save, time and money. Each of these products have been curated by our founder to help you or your friend transition to a low impact lifestyle. Each bundle gives the solution to change the culture of consumption, step by step. This particular one helps with your hair product consumption habits. 

These are the top holiday gifts of the season, don't miss out on this one of a kind bundle. There is only one of these curated in the entire world, only purchased right here on R2R

What comes with the bundle?

Organic Dry Shampoo by Lumi Basics: $14.00

Plastic Free Solid Shampoo Bar by Butter+Lye: $8.00

Organic Plastic free Hair Ties by Kooshoo: $15.00

Fair Trade Certified pouches by R2R x Terra Thread: $18.00

-We work with a drop ship system with some of these brands so not all would arrive at the same time.