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Mini CBD Body Balm
Mini CBD Body Balm
Mini CBD Body Balm
Mini CBD Body Balm

Mini CBD Body Balm

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Product Description: Get rid of dry skin at a moment’s notice. Instantly feel the difference as our combination of highly-nourishing oils and natural butters moisturize and soften your skin. Smooth skin may result in excessive self-hugs.

  •  100 mg of CBD from high-quality, lab-tested THC FREE Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.
  • Convenient and eco-friendly push-up tube.
  • Ultra-moisturizing natural ingredients.
  • 0.9″ diameter is perfect for taking with you wherever you go.
  • Body butter alternative.

Jojoba and Hemp Seed oil give your skin a nice shine without making it feel oily. Along with Shea Butter, they work to moisturize and hydrate your skin, producing a soft, smooth texture. Beeswax acts as a shield to lock in the nourishment and make your skin look and feel great all day long.


Push up the tube from the bottom and apply to the desired area. Massage into your skin and make sure to spread the balm around your body for maximum effectiveness. Start with less and work up to find the amount that works for you. Push the tube back down when finished.

Why Blawesome?

We are made up of REAL people making products from REAL ingredients to help solve REAL problems.

Sometimes we’re stressed, anxious, self-conscious, sometimes our bodies hurt. We may not always conform to society’s rigid norms, but we’re damn proud of who we are.

We do our part for the environment.

A healthy mind needs a healthy environment. We do our part by reducing our packaging needs, keeping plastic use to a minimum, and always seeking alternatives.

We believe you magical creatures deserve to feel great about yourselves.

Our line of CBD beauty and wellness products can help make life feel a little brighter. When you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good, you look better.

We are all about YOU. 

All we want is for you to be happy and confident. We strive to ensure that every decision we make is for the good of our customers and the planet they call home.