The Danny Box
The Danny Box
The Danny Box
The Danny Box

The Danny Box

Deux Life

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Product Description: The Danny collection is athletic, fierce, and strong - inside and out. Example pieces include, but are not limited to, sporty branded items and quick-dry materials. The box does not contain jeans unless requested.

Every Deux Life box contains ten pieces of quality-inspected, clean clothing. Every box is unique but most boxes contain seven tops and three bottoms. Substitutions may be made depending on inventory.

Brand Bio: Our mission is to give more clothing a second life through eco-friendly outfitting.

The average American throws out 81 lbs of clothing each year and only 10-20% of all clothing donations actually find new homes. Our landfills are piling up with usable clothing, adding to the pollution challenge of our generation and threatening the future our children will inherit.

We want to change that.

Originally conceived by Melissa Gerber inside the Loyola Marymount University’s MBA Program, Deux Life has grown into a nationwide wardrobe curation service that offers gently-used, brand-name children’s clothing at secondhand prices.

By mindfully collecting, inspecting, and curating pre-owned pieces we’re extending the life of America’s clothing and providing an affordable option to parents of fast-growing children.

And to be sure all the items we rescue find a home, we gift 1 of every 5 boxes we curate to an underprivileged child via our partners at local schools and participating charities.

Together, we're bringing thrifting into the future, reducing America’s carbon footprint, and giving more clothing a second life.